17 July 2010


New semester has come. Last semester results?? Hurmm..not much to talk about. I just screwed it. Just kept it secret. -lol- New semester mean..:

New Goal

New Room

New Attitude for Sure!!


Brand New Stuffs of mine!!

My New Netbook, Aspire Timeline 1810TZ. I just LOVE the features the netbook had offered.


-Long life battery (up to 8 hours)-


-Much Cheaper!!-
..the Old one had wreck due to extreme usage. -LOL-

New Pixma MP258

It really break a sweat to get to the nearest print shop, The KRP Uncle's. Hate IT!!!
It take me sometime to think about buying this.


these stuff changed my mind.

Final Year Project,
(there will be tons of Online Jurnal that waiting for me to get it printed.. *sigh)

Lecturer's Notes
(buying thick, heavy and expensive reference books to me is really a waste since its the lecturer that define the correct answer. :D)

Ease me a Lot!!
(haha..of course, sit, click and print)

Sony W250

I LOVE this!!

Since i don't play:




or what so ever BALL..haha.. (don't get me wrong ya.. ^^, )

but i do RUNING!!
jogging to be exact..hehe

and she is going to be my jogging companion.. ^^,

Until the next post...
It's me, blogging.

Hadi Hamzah.

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