12 April 2010

Sebuah Kisah Klasik

Here we go...i brought you all my picture when i was in LMC.. just a review, reminiscing the good old days in LMC.

In the lecture hall, while waiting for the lecturer's comings. Fuh..very noisy hall it was.I use to be in F2 lecture group.

Shhh...quite!! the lecturer comes!!

SIr!! i'm sorry...only manage got for your subject Sir. :-(

I used to be kind of expert in this chapter (trigonometry diffrentiation). But...NONE was cames out in the FINAL EXAM!!! What a waste, i've prepared a lot for this chapter. And i never concerned about the trigonometry's derivatives. (Which came out alot in final). Aaarrrggghhhh!!!! "nah kau! ndak dpt A!!" (nada sir hashim). ekekeke....

It's play time!!! eh, silap...it's Lab Time!!!

Nobody know how much i love Chemistry.. But currently study Physics in UTM. :)

Teror made by some student after they finished their last paper, Chemistry Paper 1. The picture was taken on 18th april 2008 6.38 p.m., 3 hours after the last paper. Its done here..time to say goodbye.

Life in LMC is the most precious time that i ever have. I miss ALL about it. But life must go on..I have to pursue my better future!! So i just kept it all in my memory, in my picture albums. (Thats the reason why i love photographing.) Like a trophy..a proof that i have the sweetest memories in my life, which makes my life so meaningful!! This is the Best Kept Secret!!

Until The Next Post..
It's me, blogging.

Hadi Hamzah.

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