25 February 2010

The weekend

I'm so excited that i have 3 days of break ahead. :) -also two test ahead :( -
Still have it unplanned but as far that i can see, it will be the typical one. :p
(wasting time, movies, excessive sleep, internet surfing)

What a waste, Chelsea was defeated by Inter Milan last night. Off course, the former mastermind of Chelsea (Jose Mourinho) know better the weak of them. Nice game though. Hope the blues can redeem their loss at home match later.

The main reason why i became the big fan of Chelsea is not because the team itself, but the man behind the scene.
Jose Mourinho

For all football freak out there, this man absolutely need no intro.
I was so impress of his job of how he bring the underdog team (i guess so), Bring Chelsea won Barclay title two times in a row for the first time since decades ago. Breaking the domination of Manchester United for two years only though. He departed from Chelsea on sept 2007.

lalalalalala~ 3 days of break await. Enjoy.~~

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