02 March 2010

Is it worth It??

1. Recently, UTM launched a some sort of environment friendly campaign. Launched the sustainability campus which results in extra charge for the Styrofoam Food Container (SFC) usage for the take-away meal.

2. As far as i know, (oral information from several friends) the usage of polystyrene in UTM cost 50 cents. And as a regular take-away consumer i am totally disagree with this act.

3. Why am i disagree?

4. First, it will bring no significant different to the environment. Yes, off course it reduce the usage of SFC. But, it is still the non-biodegradable yet harmful SFC!! Why don't they use it's substitution, Biodegradable Food Containers (BFC)? Which will only cost 20 cent extra instead of the same old non-biodegradable SFC, 50 cents!!

5. Don't get me wrong. I am supporting any effort to prevent the mother nature from perish. But the act of extra charging for SFC for me is more like to earn extra income rather than preventing the pollution.

6. Extra charge for SFC is to reduce the risk of cancer?? YES, its good. But, lets be more realistic. Roughly, the average of the usage of SFC for take away meal amongst UTM students is once per day and I've never heard anybody die due to consumption of SFC. If UTM is really taking a serious action to lower the risk of getting cancer amongst the students, WHY NOT they take the 1st step by enforcing the law of non-smoking area in UTM amongst the students....and even the staffs itself. :p

7. 50 cents?? Some people will get it anyway. And yet it is the same non-Biodegradable SFC. Furthermore, it will burden some students who have financial limitation. It will not go anywhere and any better for the environment.

7. It will be okay if, Biodegradable container is used and only cost 20cents!!! (as USM do)

8. What do you say?

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