05 March 2010

Reliance Crisis

1. This is a

2. It is about "Trust Me" , "Why don't you believe me??" stuffs. But i'm going to emphasize on 'Boys and Girls' matter.

3. Back in a year before, somebody has speak a few words that hurts me..(indirectly). What makes SHE speak those words get me curious like hell. WHY?? WHY?? WHY?? SHE has said that so?? Make me scream all out inside. huh..

4. One day, at the end of the class of the day, i saw few of course mates talking to each other. I just don't take note on what are they discussing about as my head get dizzies that day. Then i interrupted. Telling them about the change of venue for the next classes.

5. Tried to be nice and telling them about venue of the next class. Guess what? I was being sprayed by words, "alah...budak laki bukannye leh percaye.."


my heart screams : WHAT THE.... *oops, my blog are free from foul languages.


6. You know what, when i'm think back about it again, no offend. Me myself don't really trust girl either.

Hey fellas..

be careful with your girlfriend.

Watch out. Their silence does not speak their loyal.

Some are trying to play love game.

Its not that i'm telling you guys to have doubt towards your own spouse, but to check them. Because when anything goes wrong with the between you guys, its you yourself that will hold the pain of being fooled at the end of the day.

7. Check them. If they are not more than fooling you around, i bet you know what to do. -LoL-

8. When a girl is begging for your faith on her, watch out man. Sometimes, they have a box full of private messages or emails sent by a man who-not-you and more sad if the same goes to the sent items.

And girls...you expect our trust??? F*** oops, my blog are free from foul languages it!!

9. Dear girl..i have try my very best to not have doubt to thee. I lower my ego to the deepest point for you. I gave you my fragile heart. And i believe you. And i love you. with all my heart.

And i don't ask much from you girl. Don't make me disappointed with you.

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