19 December 2011

Safety Briefing

Local Route.

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. This is safety briefing. For passengers seated at row eleven, twelve and fourteen. For your information, you are seated next to the window hatches. In case of emergency, we need your assistance to open the window hatches. Your seat can't be reclined due to safety measure and no baggage are allowed to be placed beneath the seat to avoid obstruction. If you require reseating, please inform any member of the crew. For further information, you can refer to this safety pamphlet. Thank you."

Passengers macam biasa, buat muka menguap tengok gua sambil buat muka kerek.

Selepas melihat keadaan tadi, gua menambah lagi.

"As you can't repeat what I say just now, no Ice Cream for you later on." tokok gua,

Kelam kabut passengers membelek safety pamphlet kalau kalau skrip gua tadi ada kat situ. Tak kurang juga yang mengangkat tangan macam budak tahap darjah bertanya soalan safety dengan gua.


Kehkehkeh...ada hati nak fak gua.

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