03 January 2012

Nur Amalina Che Bakri : Suatu Perdebatan

This post is to answer the post of tekkaus.com.

Nur Amalina Che Bakri, was once breaking Malaysia's record by achieving 17A1 in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) which is equivalent to worldwide O-level. Thus, she was sponsored by Bank Negara to study in United Kingdom and did he A-level in Cheltenham Ladies Collage. But recently Malaysia has shocked by the images portrayed by she in her Facebook page. Some refer it as nothing more but "Visual Transformation".

Dear friends,

It is not the matter of sexy attire that really trigger the grunt of the nation (especially Muslims), but it is the matter of what are the things that make her undergo the rapid image transformation. What has really happened towards her abroad? Does she able study conveniently? Does she being obstructed or disturbed from practising Islam while her presence in UK? And the most important is, what make she change her stand on her religion, Islam. Because she seems not practising it as she is not wearing hijab in her Facebook page.

"Come on, its just a visual transformation. Let her be, don't be conservative."

Visual transformation is derived from inner/spiritual transformation. Our attire indirectly portrayed what kind of people we are. I'm pretty sure that you will not wearing clown costume and walking at public places and post the picture of it to your Facebook if you are not a joker unless you are being forced. The problem is, does Amalina was forced to transformed at the first place? 

"Its not too sexy!"

For your information, wearing hijab that covering Aurah (All body parts except face and palms.) is mandatory for Muslim ladies. Yes, not every of them are wearing hijab, its their choice to practice it or not. But we must know that every action bring consequences. Those who are disobey will pay for that later in afterlife. 

"Why are you so busy taking care of her way of dressing? Get a life!"

As I mentioned, it is not the matter Amalina's attire, at the end its her choice. What I'm concerned is, what if other Muslims Ladies following her steps? She is a public figure, she can easily influence other people. And I as Muslim definitely do not want this to happen.

"As you said, its ones choice. So what is the problem?"

I'm sure that each of us have sisters or female relatives. Will us let them make any choice or decision that will bring them into a devastating fate? Definitely no. Because we care about them, we love them and we will not let anything bad happen to them. And as a Muslims, we all are brothers and sisters. I care.

Do you ever wonder why nuns wear like this?

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